McDonough-Mill Rd Pad Sites

36 Mill Road
McDonough, GA

listing typeland
parcel size.8 Acres, 1.53 Acres, and 1.49 Acres
traffic counts
17,400 vpd on Jonesboro Road
140,000 vpd on I-75


  • Situated just south of the lighted intersection of Jonesboro Road and Mill Road
  • Jonesboro Road is the dominant retail hub for Henry County
  • Located just west of I-75, southern Atlanta's main arterial highway system
  • The Atlanta Regional Commission forecasts Henry county will lead the ten county metro region in population and employment growth over the next 30 years.
  1 mile 3 miles 5 miles
Population 1,671 26,973 80,281
Avg Household Income $89,569 $87,511 $79,109
# of Households 542 9,424 28,655
# of Employees 931 7,836 34,846
Steven Bodner

Steven Bodner

(770) 955-0404
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