Wake Forest, NC-Former Restaurant

12239 Capital Blvd
Wake Forest, NC

listing typesale
available space2,694 SF
parcel size.73 Acres
traffic counts
46,000 vpd on Hwy 1
12,000 vpd on Durham Rd


  • 2,694 SF / .73 Acres Drive Thru Available at the NW Quadrant of Hwy 1 (Capital Blvd) & S.R. 98 (Durham Rd) in Southridge Marketplace 
  • Property is located in the center of the Wake Forest Retail hub, Surrounded by one of the fastest growing submarkets of Raleigh. 
  • Situated on the heavily traveled corridor, Capital Blvd., with 46,000 Vehicles Per Day 
  • Property features an enclosed dumpster/recycling area and 50 parking spaces available
  1 mile 3 miles 5 miles
Population 3,834 46,369 89,956
Avg Household Income $127,172 $110,540 $125,417
# of Households 1,410 17,571 33,416
# of Employees 3,548 16,842 23,872
Kimberly Kneier

Kimberly Kneier

(770) 955-0404
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